Savita R. Patel
    Principal & Managing Partner

    A Life of Determination 


    From humble beginnings to managing a highly successful hospitality company, Savita Patel has helped her family grow their business into the widely successful group that it is today. Arriving in San Francisco on December 27th, 1967, Patel hit the ground running and began working hard for the family business starting on day 1. 

    Throughout the years, Patel has held many jobs within the family business. These have included everything from housekeeping and  front desk work to management positions. In the later years of the business, Patel took on a major role in the financial department of the company as she was in charge of both accounting and payroll. 

    Teachings of Dedication 

    Throughout her time working for the family business, Patel also worked to raise a family as a full time housewife including cooking meals for her family every morning and evening. Over the years, Patel was always no stranger to hard work and dedication, traits that she later passed on to her children. Today, Patel oversees all financial transactions for all properties throughout the family hospitality business.