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Utilize These Time-Saving Tips for your hotel during the Busy Summer Days

As a hospitality manager, you have a lot on your plate. Especially during your hotel’s busy summer season, you don’t have time to waste. Use these 6 tips to help manage your valuable time.

1. Eliminate employee uncertainty.

A productive hospitality team is one in which each member knows exactly what their responsibilities are. Effectively communicate and clearly describe your expectations to your staff. Provide detailed instructions on the tasks you would like your team to accomplish and make sure your staff knows to ask you for clarification if needed.

2. Take advantage of technology.

Today, there are many hospitality softwares out there aimed at helping managers and their teams streamline tasks so that they can focus on their larger duties. Make sure you are making the best use of your current property management system and all of the tools it provides. It’s also a good idea to research hospitality technologies that you might be able to incorporate at your own hotel.

3. Keep yourself from micro-managing staff.

Being a “helicopter boss” does not help anyone. Constantly hovering over your staff, monitoring and directing their every move, takes away from your own time and slows down productivity. Instead, ensure your employees receive thorough, detailed training so that they can operate independently.

4. Delegate appropriately.

Effective delegation of tasks to team members based on their abilities contributes greatly to productivity and ensures that nobody, including yourself, wears themselves out trying to do too much.

5. Be productive at your meetings.

Schedule meetings often for your team to discuss the most important matters of efficiently running your hotel. Utilize an agenda at the meetings you hold with your team to ensure all key points are addressed.

6. Emphasize communication.

Keep communication open and transparent amongst your team. Implement an “open door” policy for employees to talk with you, and encourage staff to express their individual ideas and concerns at frequent meetings.

In hospitality management, it is especially important to master effective time management. The advice above should help you save time so that you can accomplish all of your tasks each day, even during the high volume summer period.

Jyoti Sarolia
Jyoti Sarolia
Jyoti Sarolia is the Chief Operating Officer at Ellis Hospitality, with responsibility for overseeing all of the Operational Support for each hotel in their portfolio.