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How to focus your energy when prepping yourself for the Hospitality Industry

If you dream of quickly advancing into a hospitality managerial role, there are 7 core principles you should center your focus around.

1. Be clear about your intentions.

Communicate your desire to advance your career to your employer. Ask if there are any ways they recommend for you to improve your skillset and gain more responsibility within the business.

2. Demonstrate professionalism.

Always show up to work on time, dressed well, and ready to work immediately. Proving that you are dependable and professional will be highly recognized and rewarded.

3. Develop a good track record.

Having a record of promotions proves you are a quality hospitality professional. Get your foot in the door first as a bell hop or front desk agent and don’t be afraid to offer to take on additional duties, as proving your capabilities could lead to quick advancement.

4. Be diplomatic.

Stay calm, professional, and level-headed when communicating with guests, even if the guests may not be so diplomatic themselves. Handling the occasional complaint well is something you should be prepared for when entering the hospitality industry.

5. Be prepared to work long and hard.

Hospitality businesses typically operate around the clock. While entry-level positions usually do not require long hours, those with higher positions can often expect to be on-call all the time, work holidays, and entire weekends.

6. Get your hands dirty.

Don’t be afraid to take on duties outside of your job description. Volunteer to help in housekeeping when low-staffed or to assist co-workers with their duties. Never sit still and demonstrate that you are a versatile employee.

7. Be patient.

Don’t expect the career of your dreams to fall into your hands overnight. It will most likely take years of work to achieve the position you are desiring, but remaining dedicated to the end goal is essential.

Jyoti Sarolia
Jyoti Sarolia
Jyoti Sarolia is the Chief Operating Officer at Ellis Hospitality, with responsibility for overseeing all of the Operational Support for each hotel in their portfolio.