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Easy Guide to Safety & Security Tips for your Hotel Property

Prevention of crime is an aspect of hotel management that is not often discussed, but should be one of your top priorities as a hotel manager. Here are a few tips to help keep your employees and guests safe and secure.

1. Implement use of controlled access systems.

One of the most effective ways to prevent unwanted individuals from entering areas of your hotel property is to utilize a controlled access system, where key cards must be used to access specific areas of the property. For example, guests can access their rooms, the pool area, and elevator, but anyone without a key card cannot. This same system can be used with staff to allow only team members who need access to certain files or areas of the building to have it.

2. Switch to using mobile keys.

Recently, some hotels have taken advantage of technology that allows guests to use their own cell phones as hotel keys. This not only eliminates the problem of guests losing room keys, but it also gets rid of the risk of someone finding a lost hotel key and using it to enter the room uninvited.

3. Invest in the best surveillance technology for your property.

There are many surveillance systems out there these days, and having one that protects guests and staff without invading their privacy is key. Consider speaking with numerous companies to determine the best fit for your property.

4. Don’t forget about cyber security.

Data leaks are not uncommon in the hotel industry and can be detrimental to a hotel’s reputation. Consider using a software that monitors and protects your system from such vulnerabilities.

5. Provide safety training for staff.

Make sure your staff knows how to keep themselves safe while on the job. For example, make sure your housekeepers know how to properly lift beds and perform their duties to avoid injuries.

6. Let your guests know what you are doing.

Train staff to inform guests at check in about the security features in place at your hotel, such as explaining how their key cards work and prevent non-guests from entering the property, or how surveillance cameras are present in the parking lot for the security of their items.

Security of your property is one thing that should not be neglected. The above advice should help give guidance on securing your hotel and preventing unwanted crime.

Jyoti Sarolia
Jyoti Sarolia
Jyoti Sarolia is the Chief Operating Officer at Ellis Hospitality, with responsibility for overseeing all of the Operational Support for each hotel in their portfolio.