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6 Growth Hacks to Consider for Hospitality Managers

6 Growth Hacks to Consider for Hospitality Managers
6 Growth Hacks to Consider for Hospitality Managers

1. Find a mentor.

What better way is there to receive guidance on becoming a top hospitality management professional than personally probing the mind of an industry expert? Reach out to someone you know that is more experienced than you in the industry or join a network of professionals to find a mentor. Don’t be afraid to frequently ask them questions and meet with them for deep, insightful discussions.

2. Choose your team wisely.

When hiring, carefully vet applicants for the “hospitality DNA.” Put together a team of individuals that demonstrate competence, possess a calm, personable temperament, and give a positive face to your business.

3. Be a leader.

Once you’ve hired your team, train them well and lead them to success. Put together guidelines on situation-handling and be clear on your expectations. Motivate your team with bonus incentives and frequently consult with each individual one-on-one to give them performance feedback.

4. Effectively communicate.

Clear communication with your staff is essential. Keep your employees up-to-date and knowledgeable regarding new implementations or happenings, including policy changes, limited-time promotions, and building maintenance issues.

5. Value guest feedback.

Your performance as a hospitality manager is determined by your guests’ satisfaction. Don’t wait for guests to post negative reviews online in order to find out where you can improve. Instead, be proactive. Train staff to ask guests at check-out how their experience was. Catch common problem areas and resolve guest matters before they become major issues or negatively affect your reputation.

6. Stay educated.

Successful hospitality management requires adaptation as the industry evolves. In the age of the internet, resources on the latest hospitality developments are plentiful. Set aside time each day to catch up on hospitality news or read a chapter of a hospitality management book to stay ahead of the curve.

To be a successful hospitality professional requires you to effectively manage staff, build a positive reputation, and keep up-to-date on the industry. The above advice provides some hacks to help you grow as a hospitality manager.