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4 Things to Consider while Managing your Hotel Staff

As a hotel manager, your staff can be your greatest asset or your biggest setback. The quality of your staff truly makes a difference for the level of ease of your own job, satisfaction of guests, and the atmosphere of your workplace. The following 4 things are important to consider when managing your staff to ensure top performance.

1. Give concise direction.

How can you expect staff to perform well if they are unclear about what they should be doing? Make sure your entire team understands the big picture of what you want to achieve and that they are given straightforward, clear cut goals that have palpable results.

2. Delegate individual tasks appropriately.

Find out where the strengths of each team member lies and assign them responsibilities where they can flourish in these abilities, which benefits the hotel operation at large while allowing the individual to further advance their skill set.

3. Provide clear performance measurements.

Give team members clear measurement markers and goals they can use to determine how well they are performing. For instance, use data regarding changes in sales, number of guest reviews, or reservation bookings within a certain time frame to show staff how their performance lines up objectively.

4. Keep communication channels open and transparent.

Ensure your entire team is on the same page at all times and never leave any team members in the dark. All team members should be aware of their fellow co-workers tasks and feel comfortable speaking amongst one another. Have an open-door policy when it comes to yourself, and make sure staff knows you are always within reach if needed.

Having a team that functions well together and enjoys what they do is reflected in the overall operation of the hotel. The advice above should help give you some tips on how to best work with your own team.