Jyoti Sarolia
Jyoti Sarolia is the Chief Operating Officer at Ellis Hospitality, with responsibility for overseeing all of the Operational Support for each hotel in our portfolio.  Ellis Hospitality was created in 2017 with the sole purpose of running our family-owned hotels under one common practice. Developing our management company to allows us to develop bigger hotels and work with other brands.

Community Involvement

Establishing myself in the community, I've served as a Board member of Asian American Culture Society of San Diego since 2009. From 2014 to 2015, I served as a Chairman. And from 2015 to present, I continue to serve as a Past Chairman. To learn more, visit  Aacssd.com for more information.

Job Advancement

Born in the hospitality industry and grew up at the Alder hotel from December 1970 to 1983. By age 9, I began working at the back of the house helping family members when needed. By age 12 I was able to manage the front desk of the our family business. Throughout college, I worked as a file clerk at Buffington & Konigsberg Law Firm in San Francisco from 1989 to 1994. Later, I relocated to San Diego to attend Law School in 1994, though I never finished this career path. By 1996, I joined the Quality Resort in Mission Valley as their guest service agent in a full-service hotel. In just 5 years I became the Front Office Manger overseeing all guest service agent in the front desk area. This included the PBX operator, the Reservation Manager, the Bell desk & bell captain, as well as the Night Auditors. I was their director supervisor & manager, responsible for weekly department meeting, scheduling, budgeting, training and disciplining.  I was also in charge of balance monies including overseeing the auditing for the outlets of the hotel.  I was involved with guest relations and our department was open 24/7.

Trade Associations

  • Board Member of the CVB in Temecula
  • Board Member of the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member of CHOC from 2009 to present
  • Executive Board member of CHOC as Treasurer for 2017 to present
  • Chairman of CHOC 2018
  • IFA member 2014 to present
  • CVB is convention and visitor bureau
  • CHOC is choice hotel owner’s council
  • IFA is International Franchise Association

Career Passion

Being born and raised within the hospitality industry, it quickly became part of her DNA.

Hobbies & Personal Life:

I love to travel and explore different cultures in the world.  Have traveled all over the world from early years. I love to shop, cook and read and simply entertain guests. Hospitality runs in my blood. I have two teenage children. Working from home and around their schedule helps me out tremendously.